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Go Green's Notes From Post

Go Green's Notes From Post

Black Knight Nation,

The term is coming to a close and our boys have been busy.  We hope you guys have all been well.

Vegas, Baby

We recently sent a handful of guys from the program to compete at the US Open in Las Vegas in both freestyle and Greco.  Most of our competitors entered in the U20 division and almost all won multiple matches along the way.  Wolfgang Frable had the most notable performance as he made it to the second day before falling in the bloodround.  All in all it was a trip that allowed the guys to compete at a high level in a style they are not particular familiar with.  We will send several more athletes to the U23 event in Geneva, Ohio on June 2-4.

Everyone else is wrapping up a solid, fairly intense spring training cycle, capped off by the top to bottom ski slope run.  I’m sure you all have fond memories of that one!  Coach Parker set the tone by winning that, but shoutout to Tanner Craig as the first cadet up the hill.  Guys are now ready to settle into TEES, graduation and all the traditions that come with the end of the year at West Point.

Summer Training

We have two great training PIADS planned for the guys this summer.  Rising Firsties and Cows will training for U23, with several headed to Raleigh for a joint training opportunity after TEES.  Everyone else will be back on post at the end of the summer for a camp prior to the start of the year.

Going Camping

Our camps are reaching record setting number and we are thrilled to welcome hundreds of kids to post in June and July.  If you know someone that wants to be a part of it, have them sign up here!  Kids from over 30 states are already registered

Army Wrestling (totalcamps.com)

A reminder that these camps are coed and we have had an incredible response from young female campers this year.

Christl Was Packed

Lastly, a huge thank you to all of you who attended home events or otherwise helped support them.  We led the EIWA in home attendance this year.  Let me repeat- WE LED THE CONFERENCE in attendance!!! We finished 17th overall in the nation. We were a pretty good draw on the road too and routinely had more fans than the home team at duals like Penn and American.  And no one will forget the presence of our cadets at the Palestra supporting their brothers.  #AmericasTeam is growing and we have plans to capitalize on that momentum.

Hawkeyes lead Division I in wrestling attendance for 16th straight season : National Wrestling Media Association

Thanks again for all you do to support our efforts.