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Go Green's Notes from Post

Go Green's Notes from Post

Army West Point Fans!!

So, you are getting a double dose of news this week as I sit in the Fresno airport waiting to catch the redeye after watching 4 of our committed athletes place at the Doc B event and talking Army wrestling with lots of West Coast coaches.

Here is what I am telling them: 

Our #17 ranked class of 2023 recruiting class is tearing it up at Prep.

Our committed 24s and 25s are winning and placing at the Super 32, the Ironman, the Beast, the Powerade and Doc B.

3 of these guys are ranked in the top 10 in their weight class.

125 Ethan and Chuck BOTH placed at the Southern Scuffle.  Ethan is nationally ranked and is tied for the lead for most major decisions in the NCAA with 8.

133 Basile in nationally ranked with a win over top ten opponent.

141 Rich Treanor just placed 5th at FM.  Logan Brown has 18 wins, 7th in the NCAA.

149 Matty Williams just won FM.  Thomas Deck is 2nd in the NCAA for all wrestlers with 20 wins and just placed at Scuffle.

157 Nate Lukez is nationally ranked and just placed at Scuffle and is tied for the most major decisions in the country with 8.

165 Dalton Harkins in nationally ranked and just got 2nd at FM.  Dakota Morris just placed at FM and is 3rd in the NCAA with 19 wins.  Gunnar Filipowicz just placed 2nd at the Scuffle.  Andrew Christie has wins over ranked opponents.  Tanner Craig just won the Rose Bowl of wrestling at Wilkes.

174 Nationally ranked Ben Pasiuk just won the Scuffle.  He is pretty good.

197 Wolfgang Frable just placed 5th at FM.

HWT Lucas Stoddard is nationally ranked and just placed at Scuffle.  Austin Kohlhofer just placed 5th at FM and has wins over ranked opponents.

We got some guys wrestling pretty well.

Oh yeah, our RTC resident athlete Vayle Baker just won the SENIOR Nationals !!!

Dual season is next.  Stay Tuned- there is more to come!!

Editors Note:  Notes Written on Saturday Night.  Sent on Monday Morning