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Go Green's Notes from Post(Scuffle Edition)

Go Green's Notes from Post(Scuffle Edition)

I'm not sure how you celebrated, but several of our athletes rang in 2024 down South climbing the podium at the prestigious Southern Scuffle.  It was truly an historic performance by our guys.

Ben Pasiuk took home the title at 174.  He had a strong win over a Stanford wrestler in the semis and took a medical default in the finals.  His return to 174 has been successful and we look forward to him closing out his storied career with efforts like this one!

Plebe Gunnar Filipowicz joined Benny in the finals with an upset of the top seed along the way.  He may have another shot at the EIWA foe from Bucknell he fell to in a few short weeks.

Ethan Berginc and Lucas Stoddard both took home bronze medals, with their only losses by razor thin margins.

We got a bit of return to form from captain Nate Lukez, who took 4th.Braden Basile added 6th, Thomas Deck and Chuck Farmer placed 7th and Thomas Godbee found the podium for 8th place.

9 place winners at the Scuffle is a great indication of where the program is right now and we plan to carry this momentum into the spring term.

Thirty cadets will be in action at the David Lehman tourney at Franklin and Marshall on Friday, so you won't have to wait long to watch our boys compete again!!