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Go Green's Notes from Post

Go Green's Notes from Post

Happy New Year to all of the supporters of America’s Team!

It was good to have the entire team back on post to celebrate together.  We are excited to get deep into our training and focus on preparing guys for EIWAs.

Soldier Salute recap

The break was relatively short for twenty of our guys as we headed out to Iowa for the inaugural Soldier Salute.  We were thrilled to be a part of this event as it gave us a chance to see some quality competition in a wrestling tradition rich area.  We got some decent results, but more importantly the guys got back into the routine of a two day weigh in, training on the road, etc…that will be some of the keys to the end of the year success we desire.

Ben Pasiuk took home the title at 174 in a bit of unusual fashion.  He dominated his first two bouts, then received medical forfeits in both the semis and the finals.

At 141 Julian Sanchez reached the finals with some high quality wins, including an important EIWA showdown.  He wound up second.

We wound up earning second place as a team, behind the Hawkeyes.  Add this to our runner up finish to Penn State at the BKI and we are building a pretty good resume as a tourney team this year.

Full results

Army Finishes Second in Soldier Salute - Army West Point (goarmywestpoint.com)

What’s Next?

18 Black Knights will head to Franklin and Marshall on Friday to compete in the Lehman Open.  It will be good to welcome some familiar faces back to the lineup.

What’s New?

We will be sending a contingent from America’s Team to compete in the New York State Intercollegiate Open on 1/21- hosted by RIT.

What’s left at home?

We host two important EIWA duals at Gillis the weekend on January 28-29.  It will be fun to have the Bison of Bucknell and the Cornell Big Red in town for that.

We hope you already have your ticket for the Navy dual.  If you don’t – grab a bunch today.  We set an attendance record when we hosted Iowa.  Let’s work together to break that record on 2/12.


North Carolina Trip

There will be a social for anyone attending our dual with NC State.  Look for details soon at Army Wrestling Insiders (army-wrestling-insiders.ghost.io)

Coach Ward told the guys yesterday that this is the best time to get better at wrestling.  It’s a few days of distraction free training before classes start and for some of our guys, a bit of a break from competition before Raleigh.  As we look at the obstacles ahead of us, we will also enjoy the time we have together working toward a common goal.

I hope everyone’s New Year is off to a good start.

Coach Green