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Go Green's Notes from Post

Go Green's Notes from Post

We are very close to kicking off the season.  Soon these Notes will be recapping performances and tracking our team's progress.

I thought I would recap some of the stuff we have had going on this fall as we wrap up our preseason.


We will host our final RTC Sunday this weekend, as many of our HS aged RTC athletes prep for their seasons.  We will still host practices for our Resident Athletes Vayle Baker and Fabian Gutierrez as they prep for the Farrel and the US Open.  Word on the street is we may see some other BHAW athletes at these events as well.  The RTC and WPWC have begun to blossom the last few years on the strength of our golf fundraiser and we look forward to producing Senior level All-Americans THIS YEAR!!


Coach Stramiello has built quite a following of local high school kids for his club practices.  We have also benefitted from the resurgence of wrestling at nearby New York Military Academy, as they have 4 athletes that are club members who are ranked in the National Preps.  You are starting to see WPWC singlets on guys at major high school events.  That's part of the plan!!


We are almost buttoned up with our 2024 grad class and already have five 2025 grads committed.  Our 17th ranked 2023 class is eager to show their stuff representing both USMA and Prep.  We have hosted dozens of kids on visits this fall and they have sat through some soggy football games, but our brand amongst HS recruits is trending upward.  We have also taken on the task of educating club coaches, HS coaches and other stakeholders about opportunities at West Point.  This is tireless work, but it is good work.  If you need inside info, I implore you to check out Dan Ciccarelli's posts on the Alumni Facebook page, or Matt Diano at New York Wrestling News Online

Army West Point Wrestling Alumni Public Group | Facebook


We are committed to providing additional, Insider content for people who really want to take a deep dive into the program.  Insiders is an integral part of our comprehensive fundraising plan and is extremely affordable.  WE NEED MORE INSIDERS!  

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Here is a recent blog from Coach Bleise giving you some info about who to watch this year!

Pre-Season Training Highlights (army-wrestling-insiders.ghost.io)

 Season Tickets

Our goal is to sell 1000….as of 10/18 we have sold 39.

We have work to do.  


It has been awesome having so many of you stop by as you visit.  The guys really enjoy the energy you bring on your trips to post.  I always tell guys our biggest strength is the Brotherhood and we need to use that to propel us toward our goals.  You all put the B in BHAW.  

Thanks for your support!